Super Bowl 50 - It's Super Bowl time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My earliest memory of the Super Bowl is the Washington Redskins defeating the Buffalo Bills in 1992 at Super Bowl XXVI. I can't recall anything about the game: none of the plays, the score, or the halftime show. However, I do remember Don Beebe running the 100 yard dash and knocking the ball out of Leon Lett's hand to cause a touchback on what was a sure touchdown the following year at Super Bowl XXVII. And that's strange because it didn't even matter. The Cowboys smashed the Bills that year. What a humbling moment for Lett...and a beautiful display of hustle and not giving up by Beebe.

The Super Bowl is the most watched sports event of the year in the US. My team isn't in it and I don't particularly care about the Panthers or the Broncos, but I have to watch. Just like Bill Burr said, "it's football, I have to watch it,:. There are those that watch it for the commercials or the halftime show. There aren't any memorable commercials (to me anyways) and Bruno Mars was ok a couple of years ago. I watch it because it is one of the most excitable sports that is crowning its champion for the year.

I read a stat that $4.2 billion will be bet on the Super Bowl this year and that only 2.8% of that will be bet in Vegas casinos. That's one game, one night, and almost $4 billion illegally bet. What else will attract that type of action? Most people have heard of or even participated in football squares this time of year. Football squares give you a rooting interest when your team has long been setting tee times and playing golf. It even gives you a rooting interest if the game is not even close. That's just part of the allure of this game.

The other thing that lures us in is the those plays made by the players on the field that you just can't believe: David Tyree's helmet catch, Malcolm Butler's goal line interception, or 'The Catch' from Joe Montana to Dwight Clark. The biggest plays on the biggest stage can't be forgotten. As fans, they are burned into our memory. That's what makes me hate to see a blow out like the Seahawks over the Broncos two years ago. I see two excellent defenses this year and I'm hoping that they can keep the game close enough for one big play to decide the winner. Let's just hope it's the team that I'm betting on. Yes, I'll be part of the $4.2 billon that will be bet. My $5 bet may only be 0.000000000000001% of that amount, but it is more a matter of pride to beat a friend.

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