How to STEEM

Very soon, some of you lucky folks are going to be receiving your jars of the world’s finest caffeinated peanut butter. There’s really nothing else out there like STEEM, so we thought it may be helpful to give you a few pointers about how to get the most out of it.

#1 Know Thyself

Everyone’s tolerance to caffeine is different. If coffee and energy drinks aren’t something you drink daily, you’re going to want to see what maybe half a serving (1 tablespoon) does for you. But if you’ve ever skipped breakfast, lunch or dinner in favor of caffeine, you’re probably good for the standard serving size (two tablespoons). Start there, and give it time to do its thing.

#2 More Isn’t Always Better

Yes, ingesting caffeine will increase focus and endurance, but ingesting too much will have the opposite effect: reduced motor skills, fatigue, and sometimes a pretty nasty headache. STEEM is going to stay in you longer than coffee or energy drinks can, so you’re going to get more out of it. And, now that you’ve been both fed AND caffeinated, do yourself a favor and drink more water.

#3 Get Going!

STEEM will give you a steady and consistent supply of energy, but it’s up to you to figure out what to do with it. If STEEM Caffeinated Peanut Butter helped you go out and get something DONE, we’d love to hear about it. Tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or that other one, and we’ll make sure everyone knows how freaking awesome you are.

May God help anyone that stands in your way.

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