Keeping Score with CrossFit

I wanted a new way to challenge myself. At the end of my college life, intramural sports were winding down, and the athletic competition of high school and baseball were long gone. How do I keep motivated? What kind of physical competition was out there for me? Sure, I could play pick up games at the gym, but it wasn't the same.

Enter CrossFit. Not only am I able to compete against others, I can also compete against myself...everyday: the ol' personal best, or personal record, if you prefer. It reminds me of racing against your shadow in Super Mario Kart. You're always striving to better yourself, aren't you? Beat what you did yesterday. Did I just make a video game reference on a blog about CrossFit? Yup, I guess I did...and it might not have made any sense.

It started with the kettlebell. Oh, the kettlebell. I remember the wild kettlebell swings during my first workout and the subsequent lower back pain the next morning. If you're reading this, and are considering using kettlebells, I recommend you get some assistance from a personal trainer to get your form down. It would have saved me a couple of days of recovery. But that's okay. I smoothed out my form and whipped myself into kettlebell shape.

I quickly moved to battle ropes, medicine balls, snatches, box jumps, and my love/hate relationship with burpees. When I started to blog about all of this, it seemed so exhausting. Why do I do this? To stay in shape...sure. But I wanted some way to keep score. Just one more burpee, or two more kettlebell swings, or how about shaving a few tenths of a second off my 100 meter dash. I was down for all that. It has even helped with my cycling.

I am also proud to be part of the CrossFit community. We like to share ideas, diets, and anything that helps us better ourselves. It all spreads like wildfire.

You can't imagine the response we have received on our caffeinated peanut butter. It doesn't feel like we have had to do anything. It is a practical food to part of any CrossFit diet. Everyone has realized that and passed along the good news to their fellow friends and competitors. If our peanut butter can in any way help your performance, we're all for it. We want you to continuously improve, to keep on challenging yourself. And, hey, don't forget to keep score. If it can be fun, it won't feel like work.

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