Pacquiao-Mayweather: A Night in Las Vegas

Let’s hope this isn’t Tyson-Holyfield II. It was a memorable night, but it wasn’t because of the fists that were thrown. Mike Tyson needed to satiate his hunger by biting off Holyfield’s ear. Thus, ending the fight in Round 3, disappointing millions of viewers and thrusting referee Mills Lane into stardom. I remember shadowboxing all week with one of my childhood friends in anticipation of the match.

The Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fight feels more like a Mickey Ward and Arturo Gatti fight to me. Yes, it’s true: both fighters may be past their prime. But we’re talking about two of the greatest fighters of this era and I don’t think either of them is done yet.

Mayweather and Pacquiao seem to be the perfect compliment to one another. In that respect, this fight could be a different style than a Ward-Gatti fight. Those two were more of a mirror of each other. That doesn’t change the fact that this fight won’t be just as action packed.

Mayweather is a masterful boxer and one of the all time greats at counterpunching; Pacquiao shines when he is super aggressive, taking advantage of his supreme quickness (quickness kills, right?). He is this generations best at bringing the pressure from angles that no boxer can see coming.

What we have here is a fight that happens once every 20 years. Mayweather – love him or hate him – is the most marketable and highest paid athlete in the world. It can even be argued that he is on the Mount Rushmore of boxing. He’s a villain to most and a master of the sweet science to others. Everyone loves Pacquiao. He is the pride of the Philippines, and, yet, I am rooting for him to beat the American.

I almost feel bad about paying the hefty $99.99 for this fight. Mayweather has had an extensive history of beating women and in television interviews he doesn’t even show remorse. Pacquiao has had his share of struggles with infidelity. But, I can’t help it. I love boxing. It’s like watching two gladiators facing off in ancient Rome at the Coliseum. Maybe it is something wrong with me to love watching the violence. I’m not the only one. This will be the richest purse in boxing history. Let’s just hope we get our money’s worth.

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