Joe Rogan Inspires Caffeinated Peanut Butter

As I’m cruising down Interstate 91, slipping and sliding due to the recent snow storms,

my attention is diverted from the road; I’m absorbed by the discussion on The Joe

Rogan Experience Podcast. Whether the discussion journeys towards the exploration

of consciousness, mountain lions & chimps, or epic rants from Joey Diaz, I find myself

hanging on every word, not wanting to miss any opportunity to learn and be entertained.

The host, Joe Rogan, is probably most well-know as a comedian. He is also one of

the voices of the UFC and is highly recognizable from his time acting on the shows

NewsRadio, The Man Show, and Fear Factor. Many people may not know that he

performed Tae Kwon Do at a high level, winning the US Open Championship at the age

of 19.

I feel his greatest accomplishment is not any of those listed above; it is his inspiration

that he passes along to his listeners. Coming from humble beginnings, Joe encourages

everyone from all walks of life to pursue your passions. You may be a struggling

comedian, or trying to lose weight, or a social activist, even a terrified entrepreneur

like myself – it doesn’t matter. Joe paints the picture that anything can be achieved,

regardless of race, gender, age, rich or poor.

While he may not be solely responsible for us starting Steem Peanut Butter (we have read

Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and put in the work), he serves as an inspirational

reminder that you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I want to do that for others,

just like him.

We here at Steem Peanut Butter created a healthy, natural caffeinated peanut butter

intended to get you going. Eat it anytime to curb your hunger and give you a steady

energy that will help you get things done. And…remember…we all need some

inspiration in life to grab our goals that are just out of reach. So find your Joe Rogan,

live your passions, and pass it along to others in need.

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