Peanut Beta FAQ's

Q: "What is…? I thought… I came to buy some peanut butter. What is all this?"

A: It's our Peanut Beta! Our clever little way of finding out how many people are genuinely interested in buying a jar of STEEM Caffeinated Peanut Butter.

Q: "But what does that mean? Look, is there actual peanut butter?"

A: Yes, there is. We're completely legit, and we open for business on the first day of Spring, March 21st, 2014. Here's a picture from one of our early runs:


Q: "Okay, good. So what is this ticket that I'm buying right now?"

A: This is a coupon that you buy now and then can use later once the site is open for business. The cost of the coupon is $1, and when you use it, it'll be worth $1. So you've lost nothing. Then, if enough people buy coupons, the face value of each coupon goes up, so you get your jar, plus a discount. Then hopefully, you tell your friends and then they tell their friends and everybody's discount goes up.

Q: "Be straight with me. What's the point?"

A: All we're trying to do is get an idea of what demand is going to be like on March 21st so we can meet it and keep up with it so no one has to wait ONE SECOND longer to get their hands on STEEM Caffeinated Peanut Butter. And we figured we'd try to make it worth your while by offering a discount for participating and telling your friends.

Q: "Alright, cool. For real, though? This is all an actual thing?"

A: For real. We are most definitely a thing.

Q: "Good. Because caffeinated peanut butter…that sounds pretty awesome."

A: That's because it is. And you'll find out soon enough.

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