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It was one of those conversations that you have where you try to solve the world’s problems, one idea at a time. Most of those conversations end when your break or lunch hour does, and you go back to your job or your class or whatever and forget all about it. But sometimes, just for a second, you say to yourself, “Hey, this could actually work.”

The topic that day was hangovers, and how best to cure them; truly a problem worth devoting some attention to. This is how caffeinated peanut butter was born. Not in some marketing lab or gimmick factory, but in a conversation between friends about finding a practical solution to the dilemma of being hung over and not always being able to get to a Chinese buffet to cure it. But then we learned quickly (and by accident, we’ll admit) just how practical of an application peanut butter is for slowly releasing caffeine, and we knew we were on to something.

It’s hard to be that guy, the one that still believes in the idea when everyone else has already gone on with their regularly-scheduled lives. And if you bring it back up again, people will start looking at you like you’re still singing “Happy Birthday” two days after the party is over. People don’t actually do these things that they talk about. They’re just dumb ideas. But how many of those dumb ideas might have amounted to something if they’d just been carried a little further?

STEEM Peanut Butter is a month old today, but we were just an idea that started from a dumb conversation about three years ago. I think that’s an important thing for you all to know about the five of us that run this show. We’re just a bunch of guys with day jobs and regular lives. Before this, none of us knew a thing about how to run a business or make a product. But we learned. Now, we've already had to make more because we sold out of our first batch.

The point of all this is to thank you. Not only for taking a chance on something different, but for validating that some ideas are worth seeing through. This goes out to anyone that bought a jar, liked us on Facebook, tweeted, shared or pinned us. To anyone that supported us as we stumbled our way through all this, offering us feedback and tolerating our samples. And to our beautiful wives and girlfriends, the people lucky enough to know better than anyone how full of stupid ideas we are; all I can say is that if we've managed to sell you, Walmart should be a breeze.

We’re going to take this as far as it can go, and we’ll figure out how to handle whatever gets in our way because we believe in what we’re doing. Whether you buy a jar from us or not, stick around to see just how far that is. And the next time you hear someone trying to talk you out of an idea that you really believe in, tune them out and follow these simple words to success:


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